“Save Water, It gives rest to all”

Thanda paniI shot this photo in Janpath, in Delhi.

It was blistering hot, and there was none of the air-conditioned shops left in Cannught Place and Janpath where I had not done window shopping.

I ran out of shops in a while, to be precise shopkeepers made me run out.

I knew my not-so-much-like shopping was done for the day so I came to this place, where it was all crowded and people pushed and pulled each other,based circumstantial evidence technically one would only describe this situation as chaos, but in fact it was a very lively place totally synchronized.

It was just that one had to look under the hood.

“Under the hood”, yes thats right I thought. And this is where I caught the yellow-brown dog sleeping peacefully, though he was completely naked I was still envying him or her. Why ? Because he was not suffering the heat and was snoozing under the cold hood of water wagon.

At that time, I said,

“Man, such a dog he or she is saved by water.”

Sounds symbolic ?

If it does then.

Save water. It gives rest to all.

Avi Kabir

4 thoughts on ““Save Water, It gives rest to all”

  1. true…it does….and plant trees too….because it brings water…..rains….love nature n it will love you more…ma

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