“Pencil and paper are better tools”

Pencil and Paper are better tools

In childhood, at school while studying me and my peers had a hobby of collecting stationery.

Ink pens amazed us, though most of the time we ended painting our tongues blue. Superman erasers were sacred relics for us. And pencil sharpeners, they were more like a game to us, the one who could sharpen the pencil tip longest won.

I got this photograph on my way to Batla House. The boy’s name is Amit. A lively child full of energy works all day, but unlike me and my peers in childhood he works with mechanical tools like screwdrivers and pliers .He is talented and can repair cycle and rickshaws in minutes.

But does he really deserves this in his childhood. Are they the right tools to express and learn.

We played in our childhood with pencils and crayons, but he gets crude iron tools. Why? Just because I was born in a family that could afford my education and he was not.

Such a small difference, made a gap. And this gap keeps increasing with time.

What would fill this gap ?

Right tools. Education.

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