5 thoughts on ““Love Nature too”

  1. Too good…too thoughtful…..really sensitive way to communicate…the right message…to young people…

  2. There has been a long-standing debate on whether God exists or not.
    What does he or she look like ?
    Has anyone seen God ?
    Why is there so much injustice ?
    Is God part of Injustice ?
    Does God create cruelty or merely tolerate it ?

    Difficult questions indeed. But a distinguished British scientist called Paul Davies has written many books on the origins of the Universe to look for answers to these difficult questions.

    And his emphatic conclusion is that if indeed there is God, he or she must be the Most Perfect Mathematician. Because the whole universe, our planet earth, and nature as we know it is very intricate — but everything is interconnected, and hence there is a perfect balance between both sides — of what we call Sukh-Dukh, and Jeewan-Mrityu.

    But he still has not been able to answer one question — when was this Most Perfect Equation created ? Or was it ALWAYS there ? Is this what we call timelessness ??

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