“Bahu, Beti aur Biwi.”


Media obsessed with female-familial relationships.

Most of it is dumped with it.

But its we who make media, whatever we see is mostly reflection of our desires and motives, integrating as personality. Though limited,there is part of population with different ideas, but sadly they do not prevail when it comes to popular media and social dynamics.

Since I have been studying women issues in India, I would focus on  women as projected by our media.


These are the roles in which women are typed. Mostly their personality is locked between complex relationships. She is made to do roles like housewife striving to achieve a happy relationship with her husband and his family, mother-in-law suffering or making people suffer, a girlfriend jealous or supportive or a mother hysterical about her daughter’s wedding.

The point is that somewhere they are not getting roles as an independent being. If one observes their roles, they are complementary to a dominant male figure.

What is wrong with that ?  Show sells better.

Well, there is nothing wrong in that until, it does not type women into a role. Which unfortunately popular media is doing. It is drawing a line between the sexes.  Neither of the contemporary roles in media are providing  women to be independent. All roles and circumstances of the show  lock her into a space  which is too small for her to be a person.

They should equally be given chance to express themselves beyond their familial role and identified as an individual. 

Consistent piling of so-called “sex-appropriate” roles in media have burdened women to think in a  much defined direction for her.  

It should be kept in mind that I am not talking against any familial relationship shown by media, but I am against the women being regarded as exclusive figures for the familial roles.

Are there alternative approaches?

Women are human. Just as men are. Its very astonishing to even think that we have to select a different way for them. The alternative approach (different from the contemporary) is actually providing feminine with equal-simple-realistic characters. These characters should not be locked into familial relationships, rather they should be professional and outgoing where they have more space to operate and be their own.

I am not a great creative writer, but I will try to chalk down some of the possible roles in which women can be projected.

Instead of mother getting hysterical about her daughter’s wedding. Mother’s role as a professional struggler can be highlighted, which could show how a single mother strives to provide financial and social security to her child or instead a woman struggling with her mother-in-law, she could be shown struggling against the  male-professional dominance.                      Instead portraying girls/women as “DEVI” or idols, who sacrifice and do just right and no wrong, should rather be regarded as human beings who too can commit mistakes and laugh about it.

Media can change. It has power to influence. It is high time to see women in a more substantial role rather seeing them,

shopping “NIRMA SAABUN” ,

making food with “EVEREST MASALA” and

cleaning stains with “Mr. Muscle”


Suffering in




                                                        Avi Kabir

One thought on ““Bahu, Beti aur Biwi.”

  1. Good observation avi and even i m fed of woman always being projected within family boundaries having a bechari and sati-savitri types image.
    good you have raised an important issue i really appreciate it and Avi i must say you write quite well.Keep it up

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