The “Pepsi-Cola Thelahwallah”


I shot this Thelawallah in Janpath, Delhi.

“Pepsi-Cola Thelahwallahs” are life saver, when I am roaming on a sunny day for photographs. The Thellawallahs provide their service virtually everywhere, on the road sides,in alleys and even in the remote pockets of urban areas and rural areas.

Hats-off to Thelahwallahs, I owe them a lot.

2 thoughts on “The “Pepsi-Cola Thelahwallah”

  1. as a responsible photographer i believe you should not highlight these artificial thirst quenchers… ….though the photo in itself is super attractive…

  2. Good photo-shoot — my stray but thoughtful response –Pepsi and Coke companies in India tap the ground water resources free to make HUGE money, the thelawallah stands in the sun but can’t afford to buy Coke or Pepsi ! While the companies loot water, which wealth should belong to the PEOPLE….

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