I won’t write on politics or poverty today.

I would reveal something very personal to me.

Still remember, “Chchaa” that’s what I called him. “Can I take your photograph” I asked him, he hid a pack of “Bidi” in his fist and smiled.

Chchaa is an old man, he works as a labour at  Connaught Place, Delhi. I shot this photograph, because I wanted a picture on “poverty”. I apparently got it too, his pale, torn vest and rugged hand sketched a “Perfect poor man”.

Later while editing this photograph, his smile captured me.

“What is wrong, why can’t I think of poverty now ?

Why can’t I write about labour’s social and economic deprivation ?

Why, now, Chchaa looked good to me and so much my own ?”

These were some clusters of questions that emerged in my mind, but very soon I got the answer.

Smile, shows hopes and the internal satisfaction.  I am not a good face reader but I think Chchaa looked happy because he had worked hard. He looked very confident as if today his family is going to have their full meals.

Chchaa had rugged hands and a furrowed face. To cut his meal, he was going to smoke his “Bidi” but yet he looked calm and serene.

Hopes are always beautiful.

Avi Kabir

5 thoughts on ““Chchaa”

  1. its nice nd actually it was for people like me who r overly ambitious i learnt contentment from ur chachaji and loved that around this gloomy world he had that genuine smile on his face and especially for capturing that hats off to the photographer and interpreting it so beautifully nd positively

  2. Good photo with good thoughts — Keep it up, I can see the beginnings of a Second Raghu Rai !
    And now my thoughts that your perceptive photo has triggered off — the chacha is smiling and apparently contented because the poor, hard-working people never complain, are easily satisfied — and are constantly thankful to God for being alive !

  3. This photo displays immense sensitivity and respect to the subject. The smile is indeed captivating, and you did a nice job framing the shot. Keep up the great work! And as Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. once said,

    “All labor that uplifts humanity has dignity and importance and should be undertaken with painstaking excellence.”

  4. vry beautiful pic,chachas smile is vry satisfctory,its truly showing his internal satisfaction yet no complaints twrds his poverty ,gud wrk brdr

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