4 thoughts on ““Amma”

  1. The poor never complain !
    Not that they have nothing to complain about — it is just that they have no time to sit and complain, cos they are WORKING most of the time.
    But one pastime they never give up is to smile.
    The poor smile without restraint, without inhibition — because they trust the society they serve. It is another matter that the same rich-ruled society tends to let them down without any inhibition.
    Your foto captures that poor person’s smile beautifully.
    You are indeed sensitive, Avi

  2. Hey Avi, great shot! You really capture her expression well. I just a thought about the lighting…it’s a little hard for me to see the subject’s eyes b/c of the shadow around them, and maybe bottom part distracts a little because it’s bright. I wonder if there’s a way to brighten her eyes and dim the very bottom part a bit. Just a small suggestion for this lovely photo!

    1. Thank you so much for your suggestion, its true, something near eye distracts and does not let the emotion reveal, i will see how much i can reduce the shadows there. Thanks again for such a valuable advice.

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