next door santa

I shot this photograph at “Mangal Ka Mela” in Lucknow.

2 thoughts on ““Khilonawallah”

  1. Both Charles Chaplin and Raj Kapoor — two of the GREATEST film-makers of the 20th century made comedy out of pathos in a sensitive way.
    They were the masters of tragi-comedy. Their movies always began with the caricature of a clown who was both smiling and weeping.
    Because they held happiness and sadness to be two sides of the SAME coin.
    Because while a clown makes everyone else happy and smile, he does not let others see his own sadness.
    Similarly, a poor toymaker will make and sell toys to make other children happy — but he may not be able to afford to give one of his toys to his own children !
    This is conveyed very well in the benign look of your toy seller.
    Avi, you have captured this well in your foto.
    Ojee — tussi great ho ! Just keep it up…

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