“Bum Bum BOLE, Masti Main DOLE!!”

Exploding Expressionsavi

I shot is photograph in a village at Raebareli District in Uttar Pradesh.

I like to call it “Exploding Expressions”

5 thoughts on ““Bum Bum BOLE, Masti Main DOLE!!”

  1. and id like to call it “exploding avi”….man ur a bundle of talent…..i think photography comes naturally to you …..waiting for more of such work….

  2. i call it a “demographic dividend” avi .beautiful click i like it a lot. Children are full of energy,dreams nd hopes nd there smiles says it all.beautifully captured .

  3. bro….i trully appreciate wht gauri said….ur damn gud in photography….n the xpression u catch-up in your snaps r too amzin bro…gud goin..luv ur blogs…u shw the hidden truth and the thngs we sometimes thnk…r all in ur snaps..gud job!

  4. amazing shot! very well done avi. you should join me jaunpur district for some fieldwork. would be great to get some shots of the children there.

  5. Hi Avi — as always, you are able to capture reality in your foto-shoots.
    Here, the unrestrained innocence of childhood — not yet corrupted by age — is clearly seen.
    Feelings of children — like those of women — are usually transparent, not hidden. Your foto could well be a part of CHILD-LIKE EXPRESSIONS OF FEELINGS album — whenever you start publishing your coffee-table books.
    Keep it up, and all the best.

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