Lens blur_jumping kidsbw

I shot this in Sitapur, Uttar Pradesh.

I took this photograph while dancing with the kids.

My contribution to this photograph is nil, it is the expressions unbound of  wonderful kids and my friend and guide Akshay Da who helped me to find and capture such a moment of love and innocence.

4 thoughts on ““NAAP DE GILLI…CHAK DE PHATTE !!”

  1. Avi! What a lovely shot. There’s no contribution here from my side. Sometimes we just happen to be at the right place at right time. I had a wonderful time with you in Sitapur. And I can see you’ve made the most of it as well. Keep it the great work!

    1. Da,
      it was all you, you are the right person at the right time with me…thanks !!…
      I look forward for more such opportunities with you, please do tell me when you come to India.

  2. nice one dear i like it ,I can feel their happiness and their smile reaches heart a real gudd ..and i like the title of the pic as well ….ki gal paaji punjab…… vadiya ji

    1. Surbhi,
      Thanks a TON !! it is you guys who drive me. I happy to know that you feel their happiness and smiles, which reflects how good and sensitive person you are…=)

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