I shot this in Pushkar, Rajasthan.

The photograph does not require a word of what it is about.


But after capturing these moments

I missed my mom.

This was among the first photographs I took on outset of my Ajmer-Pushkar tour. I sensed the un-conditionality of mother’s love, the moment was so intense that it had a universal appeal. If it could make me feel absence of my mom-considering myself not in a ‘Mom hollering age’- then it could be understood by anyone in any corner of the world.

It is trully said,

“Since God could not be everywhere so He created mothers.”

-Avi Kabir

3 thoughts on ““Ma..”

  1. i am just mesmerized in the picture it is so intense yet so simple.i think Avi this is your best picture according to me, it is a complete picture no one can find flaws in the picture.And each time you post a picture u amaze me with your talent man.U have abundance of talent.

    1. Surbhi,
      You have been always have been too kind and encouraging. I am glad you connected with the photograph, it just tells you love your ma endlessly..
      Thanks !!

  2. mashallah one of d bst pic tht u hv shot tht needs no wrds..d smile of d mothr..d shy child felng so secure n peacful in d arms of his mothr..evry1 cn cnct wth ths..d picture z stil..bt d silent pic speaks a lot of d felng whn v hug our moms..dat vanishes al our worries..

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