“We are a family.”

We are a family

I shot this photograph in Pushkar, Rajasthan.

It was raining heavily while I was photographing. Me and my camera were drenched but we were pushing our limits. Before I could shout that I was the “Most Unlucky SOAKED GUY ! With a Useless Fried camera !”, this little family invited me in their plastic tent.

I entered the cosy hay decked tent.

The family was warm and cheerful. I was pleasantly surprised to see three people under a makeshift tent so happy and contented. The child laughed at me as I was wet as a frog- what was noticing that he felt secured inside with his parents while it stormed outside, enough to blow off the tent anytime.

I jumped out as soon as I realized this. Though not lucky for my camera as it got fried but it was a good learning for me.

The whole incident educated me to value relationships more and cherish togetherness.

The brief encounter told, how togetherness empowers.


Mark the family’s expression, happy, warm and confident totally contradicting the circumstances around.

-Avi Kabir

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