Flute_1 I wonder sometimes how harsh and ironical life can be. Though he sells one of the most harmonious instruments still I am unsure if this harmony will ever be enjoyed by him.

Poverty is the worst violence. It bleaches everything. Yet this little guy preserves his smile.

-Avi Kabir

2 thoughts on ““Piper”

  1. ironic though it may sound and be, yet the ability that they possess of smiling and rejoicing at little joys, is simply priceless!!!
    nice click…why so much editing ?

    1. Hi Gauri,
      Thank you so much for adding on and giving me a feedback it is really important for me. I can understand the impact of work.
      On the editing note this photograph has been hardly edited except of the monotone photo filter that is applied which has given it a purplish tinge.
      But I will get into this. If it is over worked I ll surely come up with a lighter version.

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