“Phoolwalli” – The florist


When I ask myself why I took this shot ? My mind tells me because of the colour, contrast, emotion and BLAH BLAH BLAH…

But slow it down what emotion. She’s not smiling.

Crap ! I lost a perfect shot.

This was a day ago until I was looking again through my collection and asked my friend what was missing in this photograph.

She said “Nothing, its fine.”

I was surprised and told her “But how can it be fine, its incomplete, she’s not smiling. I cannot find any emotion there.”

She said “Is that the only emotion people have.”

And it went downhill from there. I realised how insensitive I was and could not even register emotions which surrounded the woman selling roses. It was expectation and fear. She sells roses to unknown walkers on the street. Unsure who will buy it but knows if she does not sell the stock by evening the roses would be dead.

How could she be smiling then.

I had such a big veil of Ignorance upon me !

-Avi Kabir

4 thoughts on ““Phoolwalli” – The florist

  1. the photograph is good but i feel i can hardly see her emotions or rather i should say face to get an idea of wats going on in her mind but i sense the anxiety in her body language.

  2. The emotion of anxiety is what makes the photo. You did not want to have the perfect tourist pic, did you?

    What camera did you use, if I may ask?



    1. Ginger,
      I read all your comments and reactions on my blog. Thanks a ton ! It is really observant of you to see through this photograph. Yes anxiety was the feature.
      I waited for her to smile but she did not. Later while introspecting I realized that too is a emotion so why not ask other about it.

      Oh yea, I use a DSLR Camera (Canon).

      Keep sharing,

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