“Children of India”


I met Gulli and Dhanush while I was walking down a muddy lane in a small village of Rajasthan, India.

We talked for a while and then we started dancing.

They had all the innocence, love and joy any other kid around globe would have. No insecurity in their eyes at all.

I was surprised to see how these little fellas could keep up with the contradicting air around them.

7 thoughts on ““Children of India”

  1. Really nic pic. You can feel the air of innoncence in them. You did well in talking to them and taking your time Avi. You’re going in the right direction πŸ˜‰

  2. I love their smiles and thereby the pic as well.Plus i think its natural for them to feel no insecurity because childhood is such a beautiful phase of life that there is no place for such thoughts.

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