“Cinderella Moment”


It was difficult naming this photograph and I really regret not remembering her name. I remember it was some joke that we cracked and laughed out.

So here I am staring this photograph. Thinking continuously how innocent and beautiful this kid is.

She came, laughed and suddenly went away leaving me mesmerized.

In a fairly tale named “Cinderella”, Cinderella was like this little girl. She came and charmed everyone in the palace but suddenly left.

She was beautiful and charming but was oppressed at home by her sisters.

Isn’t this girl too, oppressed at her home-India.

She stands under hot sun and sells balloons to the tourist’s kid which are of her own age-Text book paradox.

This was my ‘Cinderella moment’ when I could feel this but never could know it until now.

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