They call it a sLum, We call it a HOMe

Photo-essay by

Avi Kabir

Title Credit

Bernard Henin

Special thanks

Abhinav Kapoor


They call it a slum we call it a home
-a memoir
I was shocked, how could they survive in a town built on sewer lines, packed with zillion flies.
Sunlight seemed to lose its character. Mud, its colour to creeping chemical and plastics.
Shacks to small for a healthy kid. Perhaps, that is why toxicity has made them so tiny and feeble.
I met a flock of kids playing marbles. Some bare off clothes and some in faded rags. Every angle, every moment and every shot I took was still beautiful these kids seemed to bypass the "decisive moment "law and rendered amazing smile per click.
It was a fraction of energy, an artless love, unconditional love, resilience and promise.

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