Avi Kabir

I am a life long, perpetual student by habit and a photographer/film-maker by training. This blog is my little book in which I scribble stories.  Thank you for visiting me.

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  1. Brilliant ! Superb ! Cannot be improved — but just the comment that you are as perceptive as the famous British playwright George Bernard Shaw.

    Because everything seems to be male oriented (cos its historically a male-dominated society) — like history instead of herstory for narration of mankind (and not womankind !), guides to good living used to be titled EVERYMAN’s Guide to…..so George Bernard Shaw wrote a guide to Socialism and titled it EVERYWOMAN’s guide to Socialism !

    Whenever you have time to spare, do read Germaine Greer’s THE FEMALE EUNUCH — a brilliant historical outline of gender issues

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